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5 Must Play New Mobile Games in November

Blizzcon and G-Star world class gaming events have made this month a great month for gamers. The mobile market is fast developing and that is the reason why we have made a few new mobile games which will be available in the month of November. Here are 5 top mobile games worth your time:

Fantasy War Tactics.

Fantasy War Tactics
This game was developed early by Nexon. It’s role-playing style has made it one of the most popular games. With its dungeons, diversified modes and PvP, Fantasy War Tactics has avoided the monotonous nature of some SLG games.

What makes Fantasy War Tactics a number one must play is the fact that it goes beyond the normal strategy of most games. In the game, there are 50 heroes waiting for any orders and 180 dungeons that have to be cleared, costumes to identify the character and a challenge to take with peers.


I can simply describe this game in only five words wonderful and interesting word puzzle challenge. In this game, every word is a crossword puzzle hidden in a picture. Can you solve all the words? If you solve one word, you proceed to open another letter and repeat until you unravel the whole puzzle. You can find hints for this game in pixword answers english or in other supported languages like : pixwords help romanian, in Greek, in French etc
-Simple rules
-Free games
-Hundreds of words and pictures
-More than 800 levels
-Terrific way to improve your vocabulary
-Choice of 22 languages including English, Russian, Spanish, German, French and many more.

Blade Waltz

Blade Waltz

When I heard this game for the first time, it gave me a sense of art in blade by illustrating the art of the battles very well. There are 3 different characters having unique weapons to use in completing the missions, clearing the dungeons and competing with each other.

Because of the fast pace mobile game you can enjoy this game in a typically splendid Japanese anime style. Though it is not rare with PC games you should give this game a try on your mobile device.

Eternal Arena

Eternal Arena
NetEase has been active on the mobile gaming industry of late. This time round, it has gone a notch higher and released a masterpiece a game named Eternal Arena. You will be familiar with Eternal Arenas battle mode if you have ever played Falcom’s YS 6.

This game gives you the ability to switch among 3 heroes you selected to fight in more than 15 modes. You can also choose to compete in the MOBA like multiplayer matches. Download the game from the links below and enjoy a good fight with Eternal Arena.

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty
This game has transited the Chinese gaming style to our mobile devices. Many gamers may be familiar with the PC version Age of Wushu. The martial art and the Ancient Chinese scenes make the game magnificent and give you the gaming experience you have always been dreaming of.

There is a chance that you can get a key to this game despite the fact that it is under Closed Beta Test. Those who qualify have a chance only if they let us know they wish to play and we will give them a key. All you need is to log in and leave your comment and wait for us to contact you.

Check Out These Amazing iOS Puzzle And Word Games

There are some puzzle and word games that are extremely addictive, and one of the reasons why some of these games are so addictive is because you want to get the gratification that comes with solving the problem. Plus, when you don’t solve the problem, you get that feeling that if you take another turn, then you will be able to do it. With that said, if you want to know what some of the best iOS puzzle and word games are, then check out some of the ones below.

1. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

This is one of the best iOS puzzle and word games around, and you will be playing as Princess Ida, who is taken through various monuments and structures. You will be able to navigate the character throughout various passages and mechanisms, but you will need to be careful and keep an eye out for optical illusions. Also, you will need to make sense of each puzzle by rotating the map. If you’re looking for an amazing puzzle game to play, then look no further than Monument Valley, which will easily provide you with hours of fun.

2. Hitman Go

Hitman Go

This is an expansion of the Hitman stealth game by Square Enix, but this time around the game is in the form of a puzzle game, and it is pretty much a turn-based board game, and you will need to navigate the board. There are a number of things you will have to rely on, such as special items, timing and other elements, as these things can help you outsmart the guards and help you get to your target. The presentation of the game is amazing, as it features various types of game pieces and tokens. Also, the game starts off quite easy, but you will quickly realize just how challenging it is as you progress in the game, so make sure you download Hitman GO and find out why it is one of the best puzzle and word games out there.

3. The Room Two

The Room Two

This is a board game and a very entertaining one, and it is quite entertaining. You will rely on a number of items to help you throughout the game and you will be impressed with the overall setup of the game, and not only that, but you will have to outwit the guards in the game and work hard at reaching your target. When it comes to the overall presentation, Room For Two impresses, so if you are looking for a challenging puzzle game that starts off easy, but gets harder and harder as you progress, then you will want to download this game. However, you should be warned that this game is highly addictive and you can easily play it for hours on end.

4. Touchstone


This game delivers plenty of thrills, but it also provides you with an entertaining story. As a player, you will be a volunteer in an surveillance program, and you will need to tap into peoples private communications. In matter of fact, you can think of this puzzle game as a satirical look at the way things are today, so make sure you download Touchstone to see why it has made it onto this list.

5. Pixwords


This is a free game and it is available on both Android and iOS, and it was made by Black Maple Games. You can purchase things such as coins, and there are plenty of levels and each of them is quite challenging, but the levels do get harder as you move further in the game. This game will present you with pictures and the pictures overlap one another, and you will be given a clue for the words, but if you do get stuck and can’t figure things out, then you can buy some coins. Just keep in mind that you need to purchase the coins from the store, so if you are looking for a fun and challenging game, then check out Pixwords.

One of the best things about Pixwords is that there are hundreds of levels to complete, and they are tough, and you can play the game in various languages, which is great. Also, the interface is easy on the eyes. You will love this game’s interface, as well as the overall game play.

The ads do come out at you in Pixwords. Also, the hints are quite pricey. However, you will likely feel the need to purchase a few hints. To find hints that don’t cost anything go to pix words answers.

Best iPhone Strategy Games

We have done some digging and found the best strategy games you can play on your iPhone. We have included a nice range of real-team, tower defense, global domination, tactical combat and whatever other types of games we could find that fit the bill. Remember, we have board games and puzzle games in separate categories and will be providing you with a round up of them separately.

So put on your thinking cap, because the following are the best iPhone strategy games:

Anomaly 2

anomaly 2

The same reverse-tower-defense mechanics that appeared in the original can be found in Anomaly 2. However, the multiplayer mode, new transforming tanks and updated graphics make the sequel even better. The multiplayer mode allows one player to lead the alien defense, including resource management and consumable special abilities.

Anomaly 2 really delivers if you are in search of eye candy in addition to tons of tactical depth.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

The setting for this finger-friendly turn-based empire management and real-time strategy game is feudal China. A varied force is directed by players across various types of terrain in either skirmish or single-player campaign mode. Various gestures are used to make commands, which leaves a stylish calligraphic trail (for control that is more traditional there is also a standard button input that is included). In between matches there will be some territory control and persistent base-building to deal with, along with diplomacy and espionage.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords is a great empire-builder and the finest traditional real-time strategy game available for mobile.



This abstract strategy game is deceptively calming. Players must send swarms of spores in between asteroids so that they can germinate and produce trees that bear resources. It starts to get tricky after other life forms are encountered that are trying to do the very same thing. Story mode has 25 levels, in addition to one-off skirmish modes so that the fun continues beyond that. No two matches are ever the same since levels are generated procedurally. There is also a relaxed mode if you would prefer to have something a bit more laid back. For something much more challenging there is the dark matter mode.

Although the music will have a tendency to make you want to nod off, be sure to stay alert- Eufloria requires full attention and careful planning throughout the entire game.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The highly praised tower defense game is brought to the next level by Kingdom Rush Frontiers. You will not only find the same frantic and goofy fantasy tower defense that you encounter in the original Kingdom Rush, in addition there is a whole cast of new heroes for you to choose from, with each having their very own special abilities that can be upgraded as you continue progressing through your single-player campaign. There are of course also tons of new bosses, enemies and towers to explore over various difficulty ratings.

Although Kingdom Rush Frontiers is quite challenging, the lighthearted approach it takes to tower defense will keep you wanting to return for more.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2

There is a very good reasons why this game is such an established and popular iOS franchise. Part of it definitely comes from the strange premise of using sunflowers to protect your back lawn against hordes of the undead. However, there is also plenty of tactical thinking as well before the attack starts in terms of your plant choices and placement. Plants vs. Zombies 2 takes you back in time in order to defend yourself against zombies clad in era clothing, and for trying out all kinds of new mechanics. Your reaction speed is challenged in several different ways as the zombies continue to get smarter, although you have an entire new range of plants at your disposal to use. There are also new terrain features to the stages that keeps each round fresh. You can collect plant food for super-charging any plant whenever things get particularly hairy.

All in all, Plants vs. Zombies 2 offers strategic and deep game play within a colorful and fun package.



Rymdkapsel is a combination of real-time strategy resource management and Tetris-style base building within a finger-friendly and minimalist package. Players must feed the populace, build their residences, and expand towards objectives, while at the same time fending off one wave after another of enemy air strikes that get progressively more difficult. Rymdkapsel is a very unique game, both in terms of its play style and art.

All of the extras that tend to come with real-time strategy games are pruned away by Rymdkapsel so that players are left with a pure and clean experience.

Five Fun and Games For iPad And iPhone

5. Zen Pinball (Compatible With iPhone and iPad)

Zen Pinball

Despite what the name suggests, this game is far from ‘zen’. It is an animated pinball game with lots of colorful excitement. It adds a fun spin to classic pinball with unique tables and more. Free table Sorcerer’s Lair allows you to have many adventures as siblings combating an evil sorcerer. These siblings must ward off all sorts of creepy critters with just a bit of help from the kind ghost Whisper. The game also includes many mini-games, voice acting, fun ramps, challenging targets, and multi-ball options.

4. Magnetic Billiard: Blueprint (Compatible With iPhone and iPad)

Magnetic Billiard Blueprint

This game could also be called “Show-Off Billiards” because it challenges you to unlearn and then re-learn how to effectively move balls across the pool table. The table does not have pockets. Instead, you go after the wildest trick-shots you can think of (bouncing off of the edges of the table, ‘buzzing’ the nearby balls, etc.) to earn your points. Similarly colored balls group together, so you can make shapes to earn more points. You are provided with numerous free tables, but you can purchase more through the IAP.

3. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Compatible With iPhone and iPad)

Asphalt 8 Airborne

There comes a time when racers in arcade lose their touch with reality, but this can be a good thing. Asphalt is not held back by real-life concerns like a car being incapable of flying through air or floating along forever around wide bends. Instead, this game focuses on speed, as you race around creative and eye-catching courses. Every once in awhile you smash you rival players into walls simply because the game allows you to. It is a bit shoppy or grindy. However, the game offers hours of free racing for anyone who enjoys speeding around.

2. Letterpress (Compatible With iPhone and iPad)


While there are many mashup-style games, Letterpress certainly outranks them all. It combines a strangely addictive mixture of tasks from Boggle and Risk.

The idea behind the game is simple – locate words across a five-by-five grid. The difficult part of the game is that your claimed tiles are not usable by your opponent during their turn. This turns Letterpress into a tug-of-war style game that involves both cunning strategy and wordplay. You can play two games at once for free, and for £1.49/US$1.99 you can enjoy unlimited games.

1. Crossy Road (Compatible With iPhone and iPad)

cross road

Crossy Road is somewhat like Frogger, but the protagonist of the game is placed into a never-ending hell that never leads to home. Players simply fend off a death that cannot be avoided permanently. You navigate through traffic and attempt to survive rivers via hopping across the logs. If you take too long, an eagle screeches and then scoops you up and flies away.

This may sound rather grim, but this is balanced out by the games colorful and bold design. Additionally, there is unique humor sprinkled throughout the game. A lot of this stems from the wide array of characters (many of whom change up the graphics of the game) and you can buy or even win using coins that are in the game.

Overall, this makes Crossy Road a fun and fair game. It has a perfect mixture of design and fun while being totally free of charge. Let’s hope that it is the first of many new games from Hipster Whale.